5 Reasons to use a Buyers Agent when looking for a property

This is a very simplified, point form version of some of the benefits a buyer receives when they use a Buyers Agent. I will be realeasing a much more in-depth, full version of my Home Buyers Guide in the near future. Stay tuned.

1. The Multiple Listing Service – The number one reason to use a Buyers Agent is the Multiple Listing Service. The majority of homes for sale are listed through the MLS, and you must be represented by a real estate agent to purchase any of these homes.

2. Efficiency – Seeing homes becomes much more focused and efficient. With a Buyers Agent, you only go to see homes that meet your criteria and you are guaranteed that the homes you are planning to view are accessible to you and available for sale.

3. Negotiation Skills – Real estate agents are trained to negotiate better than a buyer often can on his own behalf.

4. Experience – A real estate agent can draw on their years of experience and ongoing immersion in the market to tell you which homes have true value, which are over-priced, and which will have hidden costs in the long run. A Buyers Agent can also provide invaluable insight on the potential for return on investment.

5. Knowledge – A real estate agent often has valuable knowledge in regards to a specific neighbourhood:  schools, community services, recreation and plans for development. Most Buyers Agents tend to focus and specialize in a particular neighbourhood or area.

Please, keep an eye out for my full “Home Buyers Guide” coming soon.


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